VexAll Antimicrobial protection gives contagious microbes and bacteria a "one - two" punch to keep you more safe than ever.  This new approach is what allows VexAll treatments to be more effective than any other AntiMicrobial Application - due to these 2 major factors: 

  1. Patented VexAll AntiMicrobial Coating that delivers a Mechanical Kill

  2. Electrostatic Application that coats every surface in treated areas

VexAll Ultimate Protection™

The first major blow to contagious bacteria and microbes is the fact that VexAll is a Mechanical Kill.  What is a Mechanical Kill?  Unlike other poisonous solutions we grew up with (bleach, ammonia, etc.) that biologically kill microbes and bacteria (which allows contagious microbes to mutate and become more resistant), the VexAll Antimicrobial Coating kills microbes by producing an invisible layer of molecular "spikes" on every surface, nooks and crannies included...  Since the VexAll application biostatically charges this invisible layer of spikes, harmful contagious microbes and bacteria are literally impaled and electrocuted to death - no chance of survival, and no chance of mutating into stronger strains.

Mechanical Kill - Vexall Infectious Disease Protection
Safe, odorless, invisible, safe for all surfaces, the molecular spikes are so small it's even invisible to the touch!  You'll never even know it's there protecting you, but each VexAll Treatment is 99.96% Effective for 90 days.


Electrostatic Application

Imagine you were able to spray the most powerful disinfectant into a room, and it would automatically search out every surface in the area and coat it.  Behind picture frames, inside a scratch on the doorhandle, tabletops and bottoms, every surface of the light-switches, EVERY SURFACE OF EVERYTHING -  and we haven't even gotten to the bathroom yet...

This is how we apply VexAll:  With an electrostaticly charged spray, VexAll AntiMicrobial is sprayed and a uniform coating is produced over ALL SURFACES - effectively protecting every nook & cranny where bacteria and viruses like to hide and wait to infect the next person who touches it.

This is the ultimate way to disinfect and protect the various surfaces that people come in contact with.  This type of application coupled with the amazing effectiveness of the VexAll Antimicrobial Coating results in the most complete disinfection process available.

AntiMicrobial Biostatic Application Protects ALL Surfaces - Vexall of Colorado

 With VexAll, you now have the power to create the most effective germ-resistant environments to help protect the most important people in the world - you and your staff, patients and family.

VexAll Benefits

  • Reduce or Eliminate HAI's
  • 99.96% Effective Protection
  • Mitigate Liability
  • 90 Day Protection
  • EPA Registered
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Odorless
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Non-invasive application

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